All over Belgium, the Red Cross is working to improve the living conditions of vulnerable people.

Because being isolated is not only lacking company, but also lack of support, we believe that the digital tool is a lever for inclusion.

The Red Cross is therefore committed to the most vulnerable people in the use of digital tools to:
● to (re) connect to the evolution of the digitization of services (online payments, administrative forms, etc.)
● keep in touch and communicate with those close to them.

Located in Brussels

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The Citizen's Platform for Refugee Support is an association that has been helping people in migration situations since 2015. Thanks to the help of hundreds of volunteers across Belgium, the Citizen's Platform offers accommodation solutions, material assistance, socio-legal support and language courses.

The phones that we receive and that we distribute free of charge are used by people to be able to contact their relatives back in the country, to be able to contact the various organizations, associations and institutions, to find their way around the city or to translate documents. Phones are indispensable tools in today's world.

Located in Brussels

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Eqla is a Belgian association which acts on a daily basis with and for blind and visually impaired people. In this digital and connected age, the use of new technologies is a tremendous means of independence for people with visual impairments.

Mobile telephony, internet, banking management, GPS, social networks, home automation… are accessible to everyone with some specific adaptations and tools. But using these tools is not necessarily straightforward. You first have to educate yourself, test and select what works best for your needs, and then learn how to use it.

It is during these trainings that the material offered by the Foundation for Digital Inclusion is used.

Located in Brussels & Wallonia

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The aim of the non-profit organization C-planned is to break the digital divide with a public in a precarious situation.
At a time when most of the paperwork is done online, many people cannot afford equipment, such as a smartphone, to allow them to do simple paperwork.

Consulting job offers, being able to apply, knowing how to communicate with emergency services if necessary, being able to stay in contact with your great-grandchildren, are some examples of concrete cases that the material offered by the Foundation for Inclusion Digitale has already solved.

What you no longer use can change someone else's life.

Located in Charleroi

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Hobo is a day center for homeless and homeless people in Brussels.
People who live on the streets, in shelters, or people who have found a home are all welcome to Hobo's during this difficult time in their life and beyond.

The tablets offered by the Fondation pour l'Inclusion Digitale are currently used in a digital rest area, where homeless and homeless people have the opportunity to rest every afternoon during the week and to relax. '' use a tablet to contact loved ones or relax by listening to music, for example.

Because homelessness is more than a lack of housing.

Located in Brussels

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Far from their country of origin and without parents, young unaccompanied foreign minors (unaccompanied foreign minors) arrive in Belgium alone, after a long and difficult migratory journey. The CAP Brabantia - Antenne Caritas International team of tutors then accompanies them in various aspects of their new life in Belgium: from school monitoring to social, administrative, legal or even medical assistance.

Unfortunately, many young people do not have any means of communication with their families back home. Thanks to the phone donation from the Foundation for Digital Inclusion, they can reconnect with their loved ones.

In addition, it greatly facilitates their integration into the new daily life in Belgium.

Located in Brussels & Wallonia

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